An introduction to Family Focus

Empowering Families in Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire with Unique Support Services

Family Focus is proud to offer unparalleled family support services across Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire. Our goal is to provide parents, caregivers, and children with the necessary resources, skills, and opportunities to reach their full potential.

In today’s challenging times, there is an even greater need to support families in our community. Research and experience have shown that preventative support is critical in achieving successful outcomes for children and families.

Despite ongoing austerity measures that adversely affect the most vulnerable children and families in our region, Family Focus remains dedicated to providing a unique, flexible approach that helps children and families thrive.

Who runs the charity?

At Family Focus, we are fortunate to have a group of committed trustees who give their time and expertise to better the lives of children and families in our local community.

Our trustees hail from a variety of professional backgrounds, including law, management, public service, education, health and finance.

Their combined expertise provides guidance and governance to our organisation, ensuring that we take a comprehensive approach to supporting families in need.

Meet the team

Natalie Ornelas


Kiran Sajid

Deputy Manager

Patricia Curnick-Orrin

Finance and Administration

Natasha Dunn

Parent Education Coordinator

Jenni McGregor

Family Support Worker

Lynn Clarke

Family Support Worker

Shanaz Sadiq

Family Support Worker

Emma Lancett

Activities Support Worker

Kas Szczena

Activities Support Worker

Maggie Evans

Activities Support Worker

William Thomas

Activities Support Worker

Francesca Prideaux

Activities Support Worker

Foundational Principles of Family Focus Charity

At Family Focus, our charity is guided by a set of core principles that underpin everything we do. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we believe in the power of collaboration as an effective approach to making the most of scarce resources.

We recognise that our efforts can impact more than just our primary objectives. To achieve our mission, we are committed to:

Fostering Strong Bonds

We Focus on Nurturing Children and Families to enhance every aspect of their lives.

Commitment to Excellence

Our team is committed to utilising their skills and expertise to help parents create a safe, happy home.

Recognising and Unlocking Potential

Our approach to working with children and families involves utilising a positive and advantageous mind-set.

Fostering Resilience

Our mission is to cultivate resilience and to help children and families overcome challenging life circumstances.

A statement from our founder, Natalie Ornelas

Our charity brings together a collaboration of trustees, staff, volunteers, and families dedicated to providing exceptional family support in Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire. With the rapidly changing environment and society, it’s essential to embrace uncertainties and opportunities for positive growth. I believe that families and communities hold the key to many of the challenges they face.

By combining our lived experiences and research-based approaches such as 1001 days, Thrive at Five, and Adverse Childhood Experiences, we empower families to realise their full potential and make meaningful improvements in their lives and the lives of future generations.

We advocate for systemic change and harness the potential of individuals and families. We remain dedicated to bringing lived experiences to the forefront of all our endeavours. By listening to families, we continue to innovate and build on our successes. Our focus on collaboration and growth enables us to work with partners to deliver exceptional services for children and families across Stoke and Staffs…The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Natalie Ornelas

Everything we do, is because of our grounding missions.


Educational Empowerment

Empower families through educational programs, resources, and support, ensuring children and young people have the tools for academic success and personal growth.


Community Wellness Initiatives

Foster community well-being by implementing initiatives that address health, mental health, and social challenges, creating a supportive environment for families to thrive.


Preventative Intervention Strategies

Implement proactive measures and early intervention strategies to prevent crises, addressing issues before they escalate and providing crucial support for families in challenging situations.

Join us and make help to make a difference to families across Staffordshire

Join Family Focus in making a meaningful impact! We invite passionate individuals to become volunteers and contribute to our mission of empowering families.

By dedicating your time, you’ll play a crucial role in providing support, opportunities, and resources to children and young people. Join us in creating positive change and fostering success for families in need. Your commitment can make a lasting difference.

Support our mission to empower children and young people. Donate today for comprehensive opportunities and assistance, fostering success in their lives.

A focus on our latest family insights and news

Here’s what we did the other day, it helped someone
Here’s what we did the other day, it helped someone
Here’s what we did the other day, it helped someone