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What is Family Focus?

Founded in April 2015, we are a charitable incorporated organisation committed to ensuring that every child and young person receives the necessary opportunities and support for success in life.

Our mission is to empower them by fostering an environment that nurtures their potential, enabling them to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, fostering a brighter future for all.

What are our aims?

Our mission is to guarantee comprehensive support for children and young people, ensuring access to the opportunities and assistance crucial for success in both childhood and adulthood.

Our proactive approach focuses on prevention, delivering early intervention in a child’s or young person’s life to address and mitigate situations and issues before they escalate.

We are here to help every single family, we can and here is how:

Aiming High – For Children Living with disabilities
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Parenting support Programmes
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Family Support Programmes
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We offer diverse projects to support families, ensuring a broad spectrum of assistance and resources.
We’re there for you, if you can’t locate the support you need, please get in touch with us.

Volunteer with us

Ready to make a difference in little humans ‘lives? Look no further than Family Focus! Our bunch of talented and zealous family support experts is looking for a volunteer like you! You can learn new skills, get experience, and grow personally and professionally while helping families thrive.

We have a range of roles that’ll suit your talents, whether it’s hanging out with kiddos, supporting parents, or helping with the nitty-gritty office tasks. Our family-first approach means we’ll get you to your full potential. All we need from you is to share our values and mission and give it your all!

Administration Role

Help! Our team needs a hero to keep us on track. If you’re a master of dotting i’s and crossing t’s, we need you to join us as the ultimate back-office superstar. No task too small, no to-do list too long for your mighty skills!

Peer Support

Parenting can be overwhelming, and families need someone who understands and can help them without judgment. If you’re that person, there’s a perfect role for you.

Fundraising Support

Join us in empowering families who need support through tough times byhelping us fundraise and keep our mission alive. Looking for a hero with greatcommunication and numerical skills to team up and make a positive impact on theworld together.

Marketing Volunteer

Calling all social media gurus! We need your wicked wizardry to help ussprinkle our message far and wide. If you’re a master at casting the perfectpost to grab attention and share our voice with the world, we want YOU!

Our available positions

We’re always on the look-out for talent!

Deputy Manager


Parent Education Trainer


If there’s nothing that suits what you’d want career-wise currently please send a self-application here

At first I thought, oh here we go, another one who thinks she knows best. But it wasn’t like that she listened to what I wanted and then helped me to think for myself. I attended the parenting groups. They were more like mates learning together, than a lecture. A lot of my problems with the kids were because I wasn’t happy. She helped me to get my head out of the sand, sort my debts, sort nursery and stop shouting. I found the support I needed and I know I can still pick up the phone if I need help with a problem.

A focus on our latest family insights and news

Here’s what we did the other day, it helped someone
Here’s what we did the other day, it helped someone
Here’s what we did the other day, it helped someone
Support our mission to empower children and young people. Donate today for comprehensive opportunities and assistance, fostering success in their lives.

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